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AGS Allergy Card

Allergy cards have become common place for those who suffer from standard food allergies and can be ordered from a variety of places.  Sometimes these cards are created in bulk like business cards and other times one reusable card can be ordered.  Handing the card to the waiter, chef or host at a restaurant can help them tremendously, and save you a long winded conversation, or at least shorten it. Alpha gal syndrome, sometimes called red meat allergy, is a complex allergy, and having its details in writing can be very helpful for restaurant chefs.  While some cases of AGS may be too severe for an allergy card to cover, for those that want to try to eat out, having a card is a god send.  Unfortunately, a comprehensive card for alpha-gal syndrome was not something I was able to find, so I have made one.  You can access the files at the following link in either PDF or JPG format.  I suggest printing them like business cards on white stock, so you can write notes to servers in noisy e